Chennai: A class 2 girl took her father to the police station because he didn’t fulfil her promise of building a toilet at home.
The seven-year-old girl was promised by her father that if she stood first in class she would have a toilet built at home so she wouldn’t have to go defecate in the open.

“He promised to construct a toilet for me two years ago. But he did not do it till date. I am growing and I feel ashamed to defecate in the open. So, I approached the police to complain against my father,” E Hanifa Zaara said while speaking to TOI.

She mentioned her father failed to keep his word and that he promised this when she was in standard LKG. She added that she has been “cheated” and she should be given an assurance in writing or that her father should be arrested otherwise.

Ambur all-women police station sub-inspector A Valarmathi said, “She explained her problems. I immediately contacted the sanitary officer and asked him to help the family build a toilet.”

She also added that the girl brought in all her medals and certificates to prove that she has been coming first in class and is doing very well academically.

Zaara’s father had no idea what was coming his way when he got a call at 3:30 pm asking him to turn up at the police station immediately. “I was scared when a woman police officer asked me to come to the station immediately. The minute I stepped into the station and saw my daughter and wife, I was really confused. The police officer then explained the situation to me and asked me to convince my daughter and take her home,” said Esanullah, Zaara’s father.

Despite the complaint that her daughter made, he added that he was very proud of his daughters and has always encouraged them to approach the police if they face any problem.

While speaking to TOI, Zaara’s mother mentioned that the girl insisted on going to the police station after she finished writing her final exams.
“Though I tried to dissuade her and said her father was facing financial problems as he did not have a job, she had made up her mind. She has been refusing to eat food since Sunday night. So, I went with her,” said Mehreen, Zaara’s mother.

Zaara’s father added that he submitted petitions to the Ambur municipality twice, seeking financial aid under the Swach Bharat scheme, but all in vain.
After the family returned home, hours later the local body turned up and said that they will build a toilet under the ongoing Central Government Scheme.

India needs girls like Zaara who stand up for their rights, who are courageous and who report the wrong being done to them irrespective of the fact who does it. Not to forget this country also needs parents and elders like Zaara’s who support their daughters, and teach them to fight the world no matter who they’re against with.

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