You don’t laugh at all ironies. One such ironies was faced by Chennai cops when they were interrogating Suresh Kumar, a cab driver from Kannagi Nagar.

Source : TOI

A 45 YO vendor from Neelankarai filed a complaint with police wherein he mentioned that the accused had lured his 26 YO daughter and robbed her of all her gold ornaments. He also gave police the registration number of Suresh’s cab that his daughter had noted. However, he didn’t choose to cite that the accused had also raped his daughter.

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The class 10 dropout shocked police in the worst possible way when he was arrested and being interrogated by Inspector K Nataraj and his team.

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Firstly, Suresh cross questioned the cops if they know that he’s a serial rapist who has raped 6 women in Thiruvanmiyur and Neelankarai areas over a span of 4 months or not. Upon realising that the cops didn’t have slightest of clue, the culprit took the ‘pain’ to narrate the whole story himself.

As one the investigating officers speak to The Times of India he used to Target lone Lady passengers and would approach them wearing decent dress and a polite face. He would then say to them that his employer is arranging a ‘puja’ of which they should be a part of for it not only brings good fortune to the participants but also, every participant gets a silk saree and 1g gold as gift.

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Women easily get convinced. Then he takes them to deserted places, rapes and robs them. In short, committing these crimes have remained a cake walk for him.

The news surfaced on 15th August 2018, the 72nd Independence day of India. It sounds cool that we’ve gotten free of British rule but what about the stupidity, the greed and the lack of courage that still imprisons us? None of those six rape victims have filed a complaint and police expects them to come forward at least now. Is this how modernized we’ve become?

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