Chennai: A 27-year-old Sudan national was helped by the state’s police to reunite with his country and family after three years. Mohammed Al Musthafa came to India for his college. Unfortunately, he failed his final exams in 2016 and hence went back to Sudan and returned the same year to re-take the exam but failed again.


He even did odd jobs and was sent to jail for threatening a couple of thieves with a knife. “I did not have money for studies or to go home. I stayed in Chennai from February 2018 on Marina Beach, doing odd jobs,” he said.
he was arrested that year in August, only to be released in December last year.

As per reports, a police officer said, “Last week, he came asking help to go home. We contacted his parents but they said they did not have money.”
Further, the police took permission from commissioner AK Viswanathan to pool in Rs 70,000 for flight tickets and expenses and Mustafa’s friends gave in Rs 8,000 too.

“He was overwhelmed as he hadn’t visited his family in three years. He wants to do farming,” said Inspector S Jayaraj, who made the arrangements.

It was such a humble gesture by the police department to help Mustafa reunite with his family and towards winning people’s hearts, bet it a citizen of the nation or someone who is not.

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