The number of rape and sexual assault cases that we come across every day is so high that we have almost lost all the hope. Everyday some new cases emerge where the incident and methods are so brutal and unexpected that we cant even comprehend them.

Something similar has happened in Chennai, where accidentally Chennai Police came across a serial rapist with over 50 crimes on his head.Surprsingly the man is a 28 years old techie who is now jobless. Madhan Arivalagan, a native of Mathur in Krishnagiri was arrested in the case of a robbery of a software engineer.


During investigation when police officials checked his phone they received the shock of their life.The phone had videos of rapes which he had committed and the videos were used by him to blackmail and repeatedly rape his victims. According to a TOI report, the police told that the man was a serial rapist and he might have sexually assaulted more then 50 women.

“Arivalagan sexually assaulted women after trapping them alone at home,” an investigating officer told TOI. “He recorded the acts on his cellphone in several cases and used the footage to blackmail and repeatedly rape the women.” “We have received a first formal rape complaint against Arivalagan and expect more to follow,” he said. “Many of the women, of course, may choose to never come forward and charge him.” the investigator further added.


The man was working as a software engineer in Bangalore in 2015 before moving to Chennai in 2015.”Arivalagan told us during interrogation that he was looking for a job in the city but could not find suitable employment,” the investigating officer was quoted as saying by TOI.

“He started to rob people on the roads and in their homes, often targeting women who were home alone. He raped one robbery victim and soon gravitated into a sexual predator.” he added.

Reportedly one of his victims has come forward for registering a complaint and police believe that more complaints will follow. The accused was arrested by a special team on Thursday after tracking him for more than a month.

According to a media report, he used to approach lone women on the pretext of asking for water and then used to rob them at knifepoint.The man certainly deserves nothing less than a death sentence for the nature of the crime he has committed.

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