Amidst all the distressing and heart-wrenching stories, one reported updated by United Nation’s agency (UNICEF) on March 6, 2018, states that child Marriage in India has dropped significantly, resulting in global decline.

India leading at the forefront, nearly 25 million child marriages were prevented worldwide in the last decade. The sharp decline to be specific is now around 27% from 47% which was the clear percent estimation a decade ago.


Stating that child marriage often leads to the risk of poor education, stability and health, we are this time safe to say that these risks have eventually gone down parallelly observing the decline in child marriages.


UNICEF has credited better health and educational opportunities in India for this decline. In its concern it mentioned: South Asia has witnessed the largest decline in child marriages worldwide in the last 10 years, as a girl’s risk of marrying before her 18th birthday has dropped by more than a third, from nearly 50 percent to 30 percent, in large part due to progress in India.

This splendid organisation hits its aim at 2030 as the year of final sweeping of such social practices.Though there is still a lot to work upon, we still feel fine about the drastic change for the better future of India.

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