Children’s day. All of us have celebrated this several times during school time. But did we ever think what this day bring for the children who don’t go to school? Or rather say, don’t get to go to school.

Yes, there are many. Many whom we see every day and also, unsee every day. The one who works as a waiter in our favorite food-joint, the one selling balloons on the street next to our house, our maid’s son who helps her in chores or the one who picks up rags in our locality’s dump yard.


Here comes a strong piece of spoken word poetry picturizing these unfortunate angels and their miseries. Uploaded by UnErase poetry and recited by  Sundeep Sharma the poem takes us through the lives of those unfortunate street kids for whom the meaning of childhood is different.

They grow up much before their age advances. They learn to shoulder responsibilities at an age when they should be carrying schoolbags on those tender shoulders. They wear a smile much senile.

They lost their childhood to poverty and liabilities. And probably, children’s day is not meant for poor kids.

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