While the whole world is busy in tackling the problem of air pollution in its own way it seems there is still some hope left for us .

China , which is facing biggest air pollution problems in the world is planning to construct vertical gardens which will be first of its kind in Asia . To combat the problem of poor air quality and pollution in a massive city of over eight million people, where there’s hardly room to plant new trees China is building a forest straight up into the sky.

Famed Italian architect Stefano Boeri came up with the idea of creating buildings which are full of plants, to help fight pollution. The building will be known as “Nanjing Vertical Forest”.

It will have 1100 trees from 23 local species and 2500 shrubs and bushes covering 60,000 square feet of plantable area. Boeri says it will provide a 25 tonnes of CO2 absorption each year and will produce about 60 kg of oxygen per day.

The average person breathes in approximately 2 kgs of oxygen each day, so these buildings would supply the daily oxygen needs of 29.5 people each day. More importantly, though, the structure is designed to create an urban biological habitat for birds and insects, help filter dust particles from the air, and provide shade and acoustic shielding to the occupants within the buildings, all while providing some pleasant greenery in an otherwise concrete-filled city.

The buildings will be built in the Chinese city of Nanjing, and should be finished by 2018.

The shorter tower will be a hotel, while the taller one will be home to a museum, offices and an architecture school.

Boeri has already constructed two such vertical gardens in Italy and Switzerland.


all image source : Stefano Boeri

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