The man wishing to mend the flaws of the Indian system has been allegedly caught of washing his own hands in the flowing stream of crime. 27-year-old civil services aspirant, Asif Saifi has been arrested by Delhi police on Wednesday for kidnapping a 5-year-old child to obtain a sum of money as ransom. 
The accused is an engineer and completed his master in technology from college in Himachal Pradesh. He was in search of a government job and ended up in a job scam and lost Rs. 4.5 lakh in the same.
“He was preparing for civil services. In between, he also taught at a private university but was looking for a government job. It was during this search that allegedly became a victim of a job racket,” said AK Singla, the deputy commissioner to the Hindustan Times.
It was during his search for the fraud that he came across the child who used to regularly play around. He probably became friends with the boy and drew a conclusion that he belongs to a rich family. The boy’s father is the owner of a private school, a medical store and a dairy shop in Mustafabad, northeast Delhi.
Stressed over the lost sum of money, he then came up with a plan to kidnap the kid and then procured the phone number of his father by introducing himself as a neighbor. He demanded Rs. 20 lakhs on the first of the 2 phone calls he made for ransom.
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“The first ransom call was made at 9 am on Tuesday. Saifi borrowed a stranger’s mobile phone to make the demand of Rs 20 lakh. When the phone owner was traced, he claimed innocence,” said the concerned officer.
By the second call was made from a stranger’s phone at around 5 pm on Tuesday, the police suspected Saifi due to the CCTV footage of the spot from where the first call was connected. Saifi was being arrested due to the tracing of telephonic conversation and the boy was rescued from the hometown of Saifi, Dadri.
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