In a shocking and heinous incident from Rohtak, a girl has been arrested for killing her 15 years old brother by allegedly smashing his head with a hammer and then slitting his throat with a knife. As per a Hindustan Times report, the girl took the extreme step as she was angry with her brother for always telling their mother about her speaking to her boyfriend on phone.

Earlier on Saturday the 15 years old boy Dharam’s body was found inside a bed at his house in Rohtak’s Samargopalpur village. The cops were told by his sister Kajol, a class 12 student and his mother that the boy’s father has killed him as he had a troubled relationship with the children.


Based on their version, police had booked Tejpal on charges of murder. However, when police found loopholes in the version of the story they interrogated Kajol after which she confessed to killing his brother.

According to the report, when the siblings were alone in the home Kajal asked his brother to sit on a chair following which she tied his hands, covered the eyes with scarves and then repeatedly attacked him with a hammer. She then also slit his throat as a result of which the boy died on spot.


The girl then took a bus to Panipat after cleaning the blood stains. She called her mother and told her that their father had murdered Monty and tried to kill her as well but somehow she managed to run.

Believing in her version the mother informed the cops after finding her son dead. We wonder what a world we are living in where a sister kills her little brother over such petty issues. The bond of a brother and sister is one of the most loving and caring bonds in the world but the shameful incident has just put a dark spot on it. We hope proper investigations are carried out in the case and justice is served to the little boy!

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