Is our awareness, teachings or way of spreading it is going wrong? That now even the kids are not left by their peers themselves?

The incident took place on Friday, she was a student of 5th class, and when she was alone at home, her peers barged into the house – raped her – poured kerosene and set her on fire.  She was taken to the hospital by her parents
Horrible? Horrendous?

Well, Yes.

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“We have recorded a dying declaration… Based on that two of the accused have been caught; they will be produced in court today,” Shankar Raimedhi, Superintendent of Police, Nagaon, told NDTV.

She lived in Assam’s Nagaon district which is 122 kms from Guwahati. The victim was admitted at the Nagaon Civil hospital on Friday afternoon with 90% burn injuries. The little girl died on the way to the Guwahati Medical College and Hospital.

Two of the accused, who are minors and schoolmates of the girl, have been arrested, while the third, Zakir Hussain, who is from the same village as the girl, is on the run, police said

A medical test for rape couldn’t be conducted after looking at the severe injuries and meanwhile, two accused have been arrested and the third one is on the run, all three are minors from the class of the deceased. They are booked under Juvenile Justice Act.

It is a question to the society as a whole that where are we leading to and what is the ultimate objective? Have we grown up and far from killings and are we going back to the same phase of destruction to the womanhood?

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