Every time we come across incidents of molestation at a party, or an unfortunate rape in a cab past midnight, the knee jerk reaction of society is a sickening generalization,” She went to a party? Must have been wearing a short dress.” or “Why was she outside past midnight? These girls don’t have good character.

This has been prevalent so rampantly in today’s time, that on a subconscious level, it has been normalized. We don’t budge at such news. Sexual harassment has been so grossly established as something that is a by-product of the male attention, that it is only when we come across incidents of brutal rape or murder that our consciousness stirs up.

Let us for a moment, throw logic and accountability in the gutter and consider that, the harasser was at no fault. It was the victim- the girl at the party or the girl returning home at midnight had a questionable moral compass, and thus their fate was the consequence of their own action. That solves the problem of real life, great. Let us now consider social media – the indispensable other half of our lives. What about the rape threats, and the explicitly vulgar messages, lewd comments on photos and posts? That too maybe is the victim’s fault. Maybe, she had posted something that the harasser did not like, maybe she had posted a picture that led him to feel a primitive urge of – ‘having her’, without any regard for consent. Great. That solves the online problem as well.

Now, let us consider the case of a teacher taking online classes, and teaching students of Class 9 and 10 Mathematics. When she is objectified, bombarded with lewd remarks about her breasts, her body by what it seems, to be mere teenagers and young adults, whose fault is it now? Hers? If yes, stop reading this right now.

If No, then you are in that minority percentage of people who champion women’s rights, strive for equality, demand justice for a crime against women. Hence it is all the more important for you to spare time to give this a thought and do your part to spread awareness, and awake the consciousness in the people you know. That is the difference you can make.

The teacher taking Geometry lessons online: source

The Youtube comments made about the teacher who was teaching geometry, are brazen and audacious. Some of them are so sickening to read, that it is distressing.

I am in class 12 but I love circles”, one user wrote.

I am a 2nd year student but I don’t know why I’m here,” wrote another.

How to find surface area and volume of two adjacent hemispheres?” wrote another user.

Another student commented if the lady was available for home tuitions.

Teachers are the pillar of society. In the terrible times, we are going through, it is the students who are missing out the most, and teachers across the country, are doing their best despite their technological disadvantages and ineptness, to impart knowledge to the best of their abilities to ensure that no child misses out. The initiative by this Maths teacher was a similar one, however she was not paid one iota of respect or gratitude and was instead sexualized and objectified.

Education does not determine the kind of person you are. It is your values that define you far louder than your grades and degrees. Heading towards a dismal society where even mere teenagers show predatory behavior behind the clout of anonymity on the internet, it is of paramount importance that more than classes of science or maths – value education and ethics be focused on, that would actually make the future of India, a better one.

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