While most of the world is busy in stooping to new lows everyday and shaking our belief in humanity, it seems that there are still some people who reaffirm our belief in humanity with their gestures. This viral picture of a kid taken in a subway in China shows what compassion and kindness means and how some people need to learn these things from the kids.

According to China Global TV Network, the picture was taken in southwestern Sichuan province and posted by a user @zhibochengdu on Weibo and has been shared thousands of times since then.The photograph shows the kid using his hand as a pillow for his tired mother. He is also holding his purse and another package.Before taking care of mom, the boy also reportedly offered his seat to a woman with her baby.The image is a perfect example of parenting done right and how children can be taught to be compassionate from a young age.


This picture is melting a lot of hearts online and has garnered around 2 lakh likes and tens of thousands of shares at the time of writing. People are in awe with the gesture and thoughtful behavior of the kid

While most of the users praised the gesture of the child this comment perfectly sums up the situation, we agree with the comment that it should be a normal behavior of any child but the level of disgust and negativity in the world has increased to a such an extent that this gesture definitely needs to be acknowledged and welcomed.

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