It’s not new that a police officer is humiliated by some politician in public that lands the officer in embarrassment. We’ve seen a lady officer burst into tears after being scolded by a politician. But towards year’s end, there is some change in this custom.

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The news hails from Congress headquarter, Shimla, where the newly appointed President, Mr Rahul Gandhi was reviewing his party’s performance after it lost assembly elections in a meeting. Meanwhile, Congress MLA from Dalhousie Ms Asha Kumari tried to force her way to the meeting overhearing constant opposition from Police allotted outside. Even she slapped a lady Constable who tried to stop her. To our utmost surprise, the lady Constable recoiled and landed on the MLA two slaps. As Asha kept assaulting her after this too, public interfered the ugly cat fight.

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Ms Kumari apologised saying, “She(police constable) abused me and pushed me, she should have shown restraint. I am her mother’s age, but yes I agree I should not have lost my temper. I apologize.

Rahul Gandhi isn’t much pleased with such behaviours of a leader from his party who is Punjab-in-charge currently and has remained a minister during her uncle, Ex-CM Virbhadra Singh’s tenure (2003-2005) “Our national president says such incidents should not happen.“, says Asha.

Adding to the news, the involved MLA had been convicted for grabbing Forest land and was Jailed for a year in 2016, though she escaped on bail later on.

Well, ma’am, you are quite senior and experienced leader. Such an irresponsible behavior is not appreciated on your part! Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

ht: Quint

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