Today, Supreme court has withheld the death sentence of the four convicts of 2012 Nirbhaya case and the decision is being hailed by everyone in our society. The same society that didn’t provide Nirbhaya a single piece of cloth when she required it the most. A lot of candle marches were carried out after the incident, but sadly not much has changed.
Even after five years of the incident, our society’s hypocrite mentality is same where a rape survivor is victim shamed and is isolated from the system.

Even though it’s easy enough for most of us to comprehend, there are sadly still many people out there who don’t understand the difference between rape, consent and pleasure.
After a person gets raped in our society the way that lies ahead for him/her to get justice is not easy.
A lot of questions are raised by our “Sanskaari” society and system, ranging from,
“Were you drunk?” , “What were you wearing?” , “Why were you alone at that point of time?” to “Common, you are a man, you must have enjoyed it”.


A Twitter user summed up everything for us and has perfectly answered all these dumb questions which matter more than anything to our society.

Have a look at these tweets if you still have some confusion or questions

Hope it talks some sense into the people who still think people can enjoy rape!

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