Jagpreet, a Preet Vihar resident, dropped his wallet while he was pushing his car that had broken down in the Nizammuddin area. It was only much later that he figured his wallet was missing. It contained his ATM card, PAN card, voter ID, some cash and foreign currency worth Rs 50,000.

But when he got a call from sub Inspector Madan Singh on Sunday, asking him to collect his wallet, Jaspreet was taken aback.

Read Jagpreet’s fb post here : 

Sub Inspector Madan Singh (Photo: Jagpreet Singh/Facebook)

​”I would like to share the story of  Sub Inspector Madan Singh’s honesty (id no.6149) , I dropped my wallet with Cash worth Rs 50,000.00 near Nizammudin Khata on 7th January 2017 at around 9.30 a.m while pushing my car which broke in middle of the road. I came back to my home in Preet Vihar, where I figured out that my wallet was missing . I searched it in my car and other places but wasn’t able to find it , then I got a call from sub inspector Madan Singh who saw one cyclist picking up my wallet from Road  .

He immediately stopped the cyclist and realised that the wallet didn’t belong to him. He then took custody of my wallet ,which had cash and foreign currency worth Rs.50000.00 along with debit and credit cards and other important IDs. He then searched my wallet and found my visiting card and called on my cell phone to inform me about the wallet and where he found it . He asked me to collect it from him from same intersection where I dropped it. I rushed to the spot and met him. To my surprise everything in my wallet including cash was untouched and safe. I salute him for his honesty and respect this Delhi traffic police Sub inspector.

I tried to reward him but he politely refused to accept it and handed over my wallet to me after matching the identity. Salute and Respect to this Man, I’m sharing his photograph. Remember we’ve Good people in police and they will always help us .I request Delhi Police to appreciate this Man and his honesty .”

Such a beautiful story to start our day with!

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