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Sikh cop Gagandeep Singh saved a Muslim boy from the wrath of an angry mob on May 24 in Uttarakhand’s Ramnagar, as the mob became furious after finding the boy with a Hindu girl near the temple. The Sub-Inspector Gagandeep Singh came to the rescue of the boy and also received punches while saving him from a probable lynching.
When the girl asked a man why he had beaten up the boy, the man allegedly responded: “We will cut him to pieces. You are a Hindu and roaming around with a Muslim man. I will chop you too.”
Both boys and girl were adult, however, this didnt matter to the mob as they said they had found the couple doing some immoral things. When the cops were contacted sadly their tone also indicated that they also find nothing wrong with the logic of the mob.
We salute Gagandeep Singh for his efforts!

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