Shamli District, Uttar Pradesh. The state always dealing with some or the other criminal issues. Last Christmas its police witnessed a crime that put humanity to shame.

A 26 YO boy from Bhopura, Ghaziabad fell in love with a 24 YO lady hailing from Muzaffarnagar and they eloped. But we know how much our society deals with such issues. A fearsome revenge followed it.

The girl’s family couldn’t keep calm. Her father, his two brothers one of whom is a former gram Pradhan and her brother abducted and confined the girl’s mother, father, brother, and brother-in-law in a house in Shamli and assaulted them. Every limit of torture was crushed when the boy’s mother who’s in her 40s was gang-raped by the above-mentioned members of girl’s family, reports Hindustan Times.

Police raided the house and rescued the victims acting on a tip-off. After investigations, a case of abduction and gangrape was filed on Friday ie 25th evening. As of now, the Gram Pradhan is behind the bars and all other criminals are on a run.

TIF’s View :

The girl was 24 YO and was certainly not an easy prey to misguidance. She might have eloped with her wish intact. So without knowing the truth, it’s wrong to blame the boy.

Even if you blame, you’re NOBODY to punish them. Moreover, when will idiots like these realise that RAPE IS NOT A SANE WAY TO AVENGE ANYTHING. IT’S A CRIME WORSE THAN ANY OTHER CRIME.

Calendars change, neither do people nor their mentality. In a state where protection of religion is always on cards, it’s sad to see humanity such a cruel death. And yes, we’re pretty sure NOTHING will change in the coming year.

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