Cruise line Royal Caribbean International apologized to distraught passengers and issued mass refunds after the passengers on board who claimed that the Voyager of the Seas was “hijacked” for a work bender.

At least 1,300 employees from Indian company Kamla Pasand took over the ship’s pool decks and bars along with scantily clad burlesque dancers and women dressed as Playboy bunnies. The employees boarded the ship in Sydney for a conference being held on the cruise liner. The vacation became a nightmare for the other passengers traveling with their families on board when the company’s conference reportedly took a backseat as the other families took a refuge inside.


According to The Sun, a passenger, Tahlia Riini, 20, who was on holiday with her family on the cruise, said the men made her feel uncomfortable.
“It’s hard to forget after seeing all the flashbacks of these men around all the time, 24 hours a day like we couldn’t escape,” she said.
“Cameras everywhere – everyone had a camera in their hand.”
Her mother Cassandra added: “Their doors would be open and you would walk past and be like what am I going to be looking at when I walk past this door?”


After receiving complaints regarding the behaviour of the people on the cruise, Royal Caribbean International said in a statement to Fox News that they are reviewing the incident.“After a three-night sailing from Singapore on September 6, several guests shared their concerns with us about the behaviour of a group of other guests aboard the ship. We were able to quickly provide them with a satisfactory solution to their concerns. Royal Caribbean operates with the safety of our guests and crew as our highest priority. We are continuing to review this incident to ensure that our guest conduct policy is applied appropriately.”

India is known for its culture and hospitality and we Indians do boast about it all the time. But when incidents like these come in the picture, it shows that all our cultures and manners are only in the talks. The behaviour of the employees will change how people look at India and the Indians and it is definitely not good for the country not when there are so many of us who genuinely believe in Aththi devo bhava and are deeply rooted when it comes to our sanskaars.

The company should take action against the employees because they not only spoiled other people’s vacations but also made a few of them uncomfortable which is wrong and immoral at the same time. Secondly, we all should remember that once we are out of the country we aren’t an individual, we represent our country, we are then known as Indians. And if an Indian makes a mistake, all the Indians suffer and so does the country.

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