Even after getting raped, a 16 year-old Dalit girl from Satna was tortured to humongous levels. The 10th Class student was raped seven months ago and even after that, repeatedly. Disgusting, Worse, Gross was all the terms on the character of the accused and this minor was ruined for no reason at all.


She got frequently raped but local police paid no attention to it. Suddenly, she started feeling terrible stomach aches which made her question if she is pregnant. Hurriedly, on wednesday she caught an auto along with her mother and boarded it to go to a hospital, where suddenly his rapist and his aids blocked her way.

It is a matter of shame and inhumanity. This girl walked into the SP’s office with a plastic bag in hand, which carried the foetus.

She was then taken to a doctor’s house where forcefully the foetus was aborted. This minor of Grade 10th didn’t deserve this worse at all.


Not just that, she also added in her complaint that, “The doctor put the foetus in a bag and gave it to me, saying ‘throw it in a nullah’. Then, they gave me Rs 20 for auto fare and shooed me away,” and then later she was threatened that she would have to face extreme consequences if she discloses.

With a hope, she went to the SP’s office and though the SP was not present there, he has assured that the case has been registered against the accused and surely some actions will be taken in this regard.

We just hope that without any further trouble, she should be granted justice and that people like the accused should face worst in any regard.



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