In the last couple of years, many incidents of patients’ death because of doctors’ reluctance has come to notice. In our country, people compare doctors with God, for their ability to save a life. But, few fraudulent doctors are turning this noble profession into business.

Facebook user, Parul Bhasin Verma became a victim of such a fiendish incident and saw her mother dying in front of her eyes.

According to Verma’s facebook post, her mother fell ill at the beginning of this year and later she was diagnosed with Liver Cirrhosis (end stage of Liver disease with non-functioning liver). Her mother was admitted in hospital ICU for nearly 100 days during which two private hospitals namely Yashoda Hospital in Secunderabad, Telangana and BL Kapoor, New Delhi asked her family to pay an average amount of Rs 1 lac per day, which resulted in the bill running to a huge amount of 1.2 crores. Even after they got drained of such a big amount, the doctors could not save Parul’s mother and she died on May 07, 2018, due to multiple organ failure.


Parul wrote a post regarding the whole matter which went viral and the incident came to notice.

Parul’s Facebook post:

In another Facebook post-Parul thanked the numerous individuals who supported her and shared their story regarding “medical kidnapping”. In her verbatim; “I am really glad to see how all of you are supporting me. During this last 24 hours, I have received messages and comments from numerous individuals sharing their story about how their family were tortured by these huge money making “Health shops” and went through similar horror. It is very disheartening to see that such a noble and respectable profession has been corrupted by greed.

If this has happened to many of us then I think that there is a need for change. I request you to please come forward share your story under the hashtag (#medicalkidnapping ) so that the authorities can no longer ignore the issue. We may be weak individually but together we are stronger.
I also want to thank a lot of people who offered me a donation in order to recover from the debt, but I am not here to make money, I just want justice and want to make sure that no other family goes through the same. I want is to spread awareness, bring about positive change and request your support to please reach out and share your stories as well. #shareyourstory #medicalkidnapping”

What happened to Parul and her family is really disheartening. For such dishonest doctors and Hospitals, people are losing faith from doctors. In the past also similar cases have been reported from various parts of the country where hospitals have extorted unreasonable amount of money from the patient’s family but ultimately couldn’t save the patient. We hope the administration investigates such cases properly and takes action against the hospitals if found guilty.

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