“It has been brought to the notice of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting that some channels carry advertisements of condoms repeatedly which are alleged to be indecent especially for children,” an advisory from the ministry said. “In view of the above, all TV channels are hereby advised not to telecast the advertisements of condoms which are for a particular age group and could be indecent/inappropriate for viewing by children. Indecent, vulgar, suggestive, repulsive or offensive themes or treatment shall be avoided in all advertisements.

“Such advertisements may be telecast between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. to avoid exposure of such material to children.Any failure will attract action as per provisions of the rules,” Comes the strict instructions from the Government for all TV channels. It all started when a condom endorsement filming Sunny Leone drew rage of a folk of Surat because its tagline said ‘play but with love’ in Gujrati.


So now, the question arises even if we ban condom ads, will our children be protected? Let’s have a look what other things are having ‘ill’ effects on our children.

1) “I had enough of good talks with you, but you didn’t pay attention. So now, I’ll misbehave you”, this is the literal meaning of a popular movie song. How do you think are we going to convince our children why we made the songs that promote stalking our party anthem instead of banning it?


2) Ever had a close look at those bathing soap, toothpaste or deodorant ads? Well, let alone kids, each time I see them I feel they’re too erotic to be called as hygiene products!

3) The ridiculous reality shows, which in the name of entertainment serve bizarre quarrels, pointless drama and unnecessary intimacy whose appropriacy is impossible to justify.


Why no protest against them? Why no action? But everything for a condom ad?

4) The ‘item’ songs which are played on music channels every morning objectifies women and damages child’s psychology to a much larger extent than anything else. The same actors who later preach feminism can be seen dancing in these songs by comparing themselves with stuff like “tandoori murgi”,”honth rasile” and what not. A woman surrounded by 100s of men touching and watching her with eyes full of lust should be enough to raise the eyebrows of our sanskari society , but who cares

Well, in the worst possible situation, if our children get too curious about it, can’t we explain to them that condom is something that protects humans from diseases and also lets parents not bring them a lot of siblings? Why can’t we be frank with our kids when we support sex education in schools and are anxious to teach them about good and bad ‘touch’?

And, hey wait, on a lighter note I have a question to ask! Who does condom ads target? The audience of reproductive age group. The age group who finds no time in the day but little leisure in the evening to chill in front of the TV. Can we be considerate enough to allow them a sound sleep so they get up fresh the next day for work? Airing condom ads from 10pm-6am is like forcing them awake from sleep to watch your ad! Isn’t it?

Biology is teaching kids everything they need to know about ‘sex’ from a much early age and the curriculum is welcome! If they want to something, let’s break the taboo and quench their curiosity. That’s perfectly normal! There are way worse issues that need our attention and voice raise.

In case we feel that condom ads focus more on the pleasure part instead of safe sex aspect they can be regulated or guidelines can be set for them, but why a ban? It’s high time we recheck our priority list.

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