Deepika, a ‘Bai’ from Mumbai is leaving her marks in the field of stand up comedy and breaking the stereotypes like a boss

Do we have a reader with us who is not into binge watching stand-up comedy? Hopefully, not! Those 5-10 minutes long gigs are our go-to solution when we desperately want to break that intolerable monotony at work but have little time in hands. Now, women have also tried their hands in the field of stand up comedy and tickled us with their jokes and puns! Today we’ll talk about Deepika whose sense of humor is making the audience go crazy and the best part about her is that she’s the coolest ‘Bai’ (house help) one can ever come across!


Deepika Mhatre, the 43 YO begins her day at 4:00 am, travels from Nala Sopara to Malad in Mumbai metros, sells imitation jewelry in trains, cooks in five houses to win bread for her three daughters and her only husband (her jibe!) till she calls her day an off by 4:00 pm. Amidst this tiresome schedule, she finds comedy from her surroundings and wittily presents it before her audience.

As maids have been made subjects to make jokes upon, Deepika wants to break the glass ceiling standing on the stage with a mic in hands and crack jokes that sometimes have her boss involved! Deepika is a known face by now and hasn’t left selling jewelries or cooking in houses. She does her gigs after 4 in the evening, adding up some more jobs to her already hectic schedule. She reaches home by 12-12:30 in the night and still, you’ll always find the woman with a vibrant smile painted on her face the next morning at 4!

Deepika’s story will tell you how women help each other to lift up each other.

This started when Sangeeta madam (Sangeeta Das, at whose home Deepika works) arranged a talent show for us “bai log.” No one usually does that, right? But she gave us a platform to showcase our talents—just as a fun activity. That’s where I decided to take my jokes to the stage.”, says Deepika speaking to The Better India.

As they rightly said that only a skilled Jeweller can aptly recognize a diamond, Rachel Lopez, who works with the Hindustan Times spotted Deepika and anticipated what heights her talent could touch if propelled efficiently. Then, Aditi Mittal, the comedian met her and polished her talent for a year and today her shows gather a hell lot mass!

Well blanketed with light hearted comedy Deepika presents on stage how inferiorly she and maids like her are treated in the households they work at. The family eats meals cooked by them but wants them to consume food or water from secluded vessels. Mean? Well, yes.

She never sounds sad, complaining or tired but that doesn’t mean her life is all sorted. She opens up about her husband and family conditions.

He has asthma, and now I have high blood sugar, so neither of us can work. My elder daughter has just started working. A person from Mid-day, who interviewed me, gave her a job. But the financial condition of my family is quite tight—so, my only condition in every interview is a request for help.” In her interviews, she keeps seeking financial help.

Her jokes might make your sides hurt but her life will teach you the incredible ‘art of living’. You don’t simply get happiness, you search for it, find it and if not, then create it! And then, you share it with others. We respect the woman for all her struggles and achievements!

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