Some of the schools in the city denied admission to a class X girl who was allegedly gang-raped by four boys at her previous boarding school.
The 16-year-old girl was allegedly raped by three minors and an adult in the vicinity of the school premises on August 14 who then threatened her with dire consequences if she informed anyone of the incident.

As per the reports, a police official had earlier said on condition of anonymity: “The victim returned to the hostel and informed the arrested accused hostel caretaker, a woman, about the incident. Rather than taking any action against the four boys, the caretaker told the girl to remain silent on the issue and then informed the accused administrative officer (AO).”

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“Meanwhile, the accused director and principal were also informed about the incident but didn’t inform victim’s parents; instead, they threatened to rusticate her from the school, if she were to inform them,” said the official.

Speaking to TOI, Advocate Aruna Negi Chauhan, the survivor’s lawyer, said, “The CBSE itself had given us the list of schools to be approached to seek admission. However, when we went to the schools, all of them said that they cannot admit students in the middle of the semester.”
“Her parents had completed all the formalities and were having lunch at the school itself when an official suddenly informed them that the girl cannot be admitted since she was a rape victim,” he added.

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The special court of the additional district judge, Gurubaksh Singh, had confined the six adults to district jail, Dehradun, and the juvenile justice board sent the three minors to a correctional home in Haridwar.

It is shameful that the school was putting its reputation first rather than understanding the trauma the 16-year-old had been going through. Not only she was asked to keep quiet after the incident, but the other schools also denied her admission for the crime she faced. Was it all her fault at the end of the day? Definitely, No.

The school should have taken action against the boys immediately once the incident was reported, rather than curbing the situation down. And, the schools that have been turning the girl down for admissions, show exactly what ethics they’ve been teaching inside their campuses.

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