A 3-year-old Anand’s parents save three lives by donating his organs after he died an accidental death.
“Anand was the picture of happiness itself— an adorable, vivacious and bubbly child whose smile would light up any room he walked in. He was a mischievous child, always up to something or the other. He was God’s greatest gift to us. Who could have imagined that a fall from the stairs would snatch our bundle of joy forever,” Anand Kumar’s father Rohit Kumar told TOI.


The three patients saved were suffering from an end-stage organ failure. Anand’s kidneys were transplanted to a 4-year-old and a 24-year-old in PGI and his liver to a 3-year-old child in New Delhi, giving all a second chance at life.

The incident happened on August 20 where his father mentioned that a happy day went on to change their lives after the cruel tragedy.
“Like any other usual day, Anand was busy playing with kids from the neighbourhood and while running after one of his friends, he slipped and rolled over a flight of stairs after which he lost consciousness,” he said.


After the incident happened, Anand was rushed to the Government Multi-Speciality Hospital, Sector 16, Chandigarh, from where he was further referred to PGI due to his critical condition. He succumbed to his injuries on August 24 and was declared brain dead.

Despite the loss, his parents decided to keep him alive in a way they could. Hence, they consented to donate their child’s organs after being contacted by the transplant coordinators at PGI.
“There are no words to describe what we have been and are going through. I was thinking if we could save someone’s life by not letting our son’s life go to waste, then why not do it. It is rewarding to know that Anand will continue to live in others. Those patients will get more time to spend with their families now,” said Rohit.


Against all the odds, the team at PGI did everything they could to make sure the organ reaches the recipient on time.
Dr Koushal said, “It was literally a race against time. With no flight available for Delhi from Chandigarh after 6 pm, we had to complete all the procedural formalities— harvesting process as well as transportation of the organ to the international airport. We succeeded in making it on time through the green corridor.”

It was a brave decision taken by the parents and an excellent teamwork put on by the doctors and their staff at the hospital. Three lives were saved, with all credits to them. Not to forget Anand will always be alive amongst us, now and forever.

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