As if crimes against women at public places and their homes were not enough that now the monsters are assaulting and raping kids in the schools itself. After the recent brutal Ryan International murder case a lot of cases of assaults and harsh punishments by teachers as well as other staffs of the schools have been reported.

According to a Hindustan Times report, on Wednesday, a 6-year-old girl was raped by a school employee inside the washroom of a Delhi based private school.


The arrested accused is a housekeeping staff at the school and had joined 3 months back. According to the complaint registered by the kid’s parents, the incident happened at around 1 pm when the class 1 kid went to use girl’s washroom. According to the media report, the girl’s father said that after the kid used the washroom she called the woman staff who was supposed to help the girl students. But, since the female staff had been sent downstairs for some work a male employee entered the washroom on the pretext of helping and assaulted the kid sexually.

Once the girl returned to her home at around 2.30 pm she disclosed to her mother about the horrible incident after which the parents approached the principal and police was called.Police told that the child was taken to AIIMS where Doctors confirmed that the child was raped. According to the doctors, the child will have to undergo surgery to recover from internal wounds.


We are at a loss of words after the last few incidents of kids getting sexually assaulted even in the school premises. A child spends a considerable amount of his/her time for around 12 years in the school and when even these educational institutions couldn’t provide safety to them what else could we expect.

We live in a society where out of fear of victim shaming most of the sexual abuse victims prefer to not open up about their assaults. Parents need to teach their kids about good and bad touch and encourage them to inform elders or parents about any doubtful activity by any relative or stranger.

The father of the victim said,“ We are in shock and have nothing to say. We send our kids to get educated and not to be victims of such perverts loitering in schools“.

Here’s hoping the rapist is served with the maximum possible punishment under the law.

h/t : Hindustan Times

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