There is not even a single day when our country and especially Delhi is not ashamed by the sexual predators.On Friday, a 7-year-old student was brutally murdered by slitting the throat inside the premises of Ryan International School in Haryana’s Gurgaon after he resisted the sexual advances by the conductor of the School Bus.

Just a day after the murder a 5-year-old girl was raped by a peon inside Tagore Public School premises. The girl is now admitted in a hospital where her condition is being told critical.

The girl told that Vikas, a peon in the school allegedly raped her inside the school premises. The peon Vikas, who was absconding after the incident has been arrested by the Police later in the day.The Police have registered a case against Vikas under POCSO act and investigating the matter.

Vikas was earlier working as a security guard there and he had been working since last 3 years in the school.In the afternoon after distributing the lunch boxes to teachers, he was walking in the school corridors.”He lured the girl with a candy and took her inside the empty classroom where he raped her.” NDTV quoted Deputy Commissioner of Police Nupur Prasad as saying. The officer said that after raping her, Vikas “put his hand the victim’s mouth and threatened her with dire consequences”.


The girl returned home in a critical condition with pain and bleeding from her private parts.She was taken to a hospital where her medical examination confirmed rape.

Here is the video of the rapist

The kid was then sent for counseling where he described the appearance of the peon on basis of which he was nabbed.

Today, it has happened with my child. Tomorrow, it could happen to another child. I want the school to be shut down,” the child’s mother told news agency ANI.

These incidents flood our timeline every single day and the next day we move on after cursing the society and molesters. We don’t know when this is going to stop and looking at the rate of these heinous crimes it certainly doesn’t look like stopping in near future.We hope the criminal is served with severe punishment and the child recovers soon from the trauma.

(Source : NDTV & PTI)

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