An Indian Army Captain was brutally beaten along with his family, at Dwarika on the 13th of May. Captain Vikas Sharma who is deployed in special forces, was out for dinner in the Dwarika City Centre Mall, sector 12 with his wife, sister, brother-in-law and their children.

It was around midnight when they were leaving for their home, and because their vehicle was parked a little further, Capt. Vikas and his brother-in-law went to get the car leaving others next to the mall. Meanwhile, a Scorpio (SUV) stopped next to his wife, sister and children with 4-5 people in, openly drinking alcohol, who started passing lewd and derogatory comments to them. When confronted by the Captain’s sister, two of them came out of the vehicle and started misbehaving and touching them inappropriately.


According to The News Now, “My brother-in-law and I reached the spot immediately with our car to rescue them. The goons started punching me. One of them smashed liquor bottle on my head that led to bleeding. They also threatened of dire consequences and raping our women folk,” Capt. Yadav said.

They were hit, dragged and threatened to an extent where the argument got loud enough to be heard by the guards and rest of the people at the mall who then came to their rescue.
After they sensed trouble, they got back in their car and managed to flee, one of whom was left behind and was caught by the Captain himself after a chase of 2 kilometres. Later, he was identified as Mohamad Irshad Ali Hashmi, a resident of the same locality.

“They were arrested on May 15 and booked under various IPC sections. Additional sections will also be slapped once the final Medico Legal Certificate (MLC) report comes. The SUV has also been seized,” DCP Shibesh Singh, Dwarka was quoted as saying by The New Indian Express.



It is shameful for us that someone like Captain Yadav who has been protecting our country risking his life had to go through something like this. And, why should anybody else? Harassing and molesting someone, whether you’re in your senses or drunk is a crime. It is important that the Government realizes that the safety of its citizens should come first. People like these will always be around, and they will put a hindrance for us to even move out of our homes. We can’t be living in fear all the time. If you see someone being troubled call the police, gather people around you, seek for help and go for their rescue. We need to help others because this can happen to anybody and we would want someone to help us if it happened to us. We have to be aware and most importantly take care.

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