Every time we come across news about violence against women we react, we express our anger and think that nothing worse than this can happen, only to be proved wrong the next day.While the country was celebrating Children’s day somewhere a family was praying for its 18-month-old baby girl who was raped by a friend and colleague of her father. The baby is in ICU fighting for her life.The Delhi police has arrested a man for raping the 18-month old girl in the capital’s Shahpur Jat area.

The accused who was a colleague of the baby’s parent at a private security company used to live in the same house with the family. According to the police, the man raped the baby while she was left with him for babysitting.

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He came back after night duty while the girl’s father left home for his morning duty. Her mother and siblings also left and finding the child alone, the man sexually assaulted her,” a senior police officer was quoted as saying by Hindustan Times.

When the mother of the baby returned in the evening from work she found the toddler crying and bleeding from her private parts.The baby was taken to a nearby hospital where it was found that she had been sexually assaulted.The accused whose name was not revealed by police is 21 years old and unmarried. Additional DCP South Chinmoy Biswal said a case has been registered under POCSO and the accused been arrested.


It looks like nothing is going to change no matter how many safety campaigns and
programmes are conducted. While we can teach girls some self-defense techniques we don’t know how was that baby supposed to protect herself.

The baby is in a critical state and fighting for life. The chairperson of Delhi Women Commission, Swati Maliwal, tweeted about the gory crime.

Swati is demanding a death penalty for the accused.

According to a report, almost 90 percent of rapes in India in 2014 were committed by people known to the victims such as relatives, neighbours and employers. The Indian Feed requests our dear readers to take care of their children and teach them about good and bad touch. Try to not leave them alone with neighbors, friends, acquaintances or any relatives who are not your immediate family members, you never know when someone will turn into a beast and turn your life upside down.


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