Not a single day when the girls of India lay in peace without the fear of losing their pride by the demons. City of crimes has given a home to another sexual harassment case on Monday. A 24-year-old lady was being locked inside an Uber cab by its driver and was threatened.


The woman works in the Sonepat area and stays with her husband in outer Delhi’s Rohini. After the work, she decided to book a cab. She noticed the number plate wasn’t the yellow commercial one but she preferred to ignore the fact and took the cab.

“The driver called someone and spoke about meeting somewhere and drinking together. The woman immediately checked the driver’s details on the Uber app and found it was another person,” said the DCP, Aslam Khan (north-west) to Hindustan Times.


When she suspected that the driver took an isolated route, she tried to escape by jumping from the car when it slowed down at Mukarba Chowk but failed to rescue as the driver activated the central locking system. The driver later threatened with harming her and “passed sexual marks” as being said by the DCP. She finally succeeded in rescuing the car near a CNG pump around 9 pm in Jahangirpuri.


“The woman quickly dialed the police control room number even as the driver escaped with the car,” said the police.

The registered uber driver and the car had been caught from Sonepat’s Janti Kalan village. A case has been lodged against the accused of sexual harassment, identity concealment, kidnapping and criminal intimidation.

The accused has been identified as Sanjeev and was not registered to Uber app. He was being arrested from a village in Haryana in a drunken state.

The case is being defined as identity theft and thus the companies like uber should be more strict and secured in giving access to their portals. Strict laws need to be enforced in favor of women security, especially in the capital city as the day isn’t far enough when a girl will be raped Rajpath.

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