Thanks to the social media we have discovered some amazing incidents in the recent past where we saw the empathetic side of the police officials.In a country where police officials are known for their not-so-friendly attitude these incidents really help us in discovering their humane side.

In yet another heartwarming incident, a Delhi cop saved the life of a man who had been declared ‘dead’ and was about to be cremated.The man had tried committing suicide by hanging himself.

After receiving the news of his ‘suicide’, Delhi SHO Sanjay Kumar rushed to his home.The devastated family then narrated about the incident to Kumar and other police officials.


According to the media report, the man’s father had discovered his hanging body first.After SHO Kumar inspected the room and the fan from which the man had tried hanging himself he found the height of the fan too low for someone to die. The family was already preparing to cremate the man but due to the presence of mind of Kumar, it was found that the man’s pulse was still running. The pulse was weak but the man was still alive.


The man was rushed to a hospital and was given CPR on the way. He was revived by the doctors who said that any further delay would have proved fatal for the man.

The man had tried committing suicide as he was fed up with the scolding by his parents.We appreciate the alertness shown by the cops in saving a precious life and hope people will understand life is much more than worrying about such small issues.Had the man really died the parents might have never been able to come out of the guilt!

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