Nowadays online shopping has become a trend. The guy with a huge bag written “Flipkart” or “Amazon” on its back, is known to most of us. 28 year old Keshav is just one of those delivery men.

The incident took place on 21st March. Keshav, a resident of Ambica enclave in Nihal Vihar, went to Chander Vihar for a delivery of a cellphone worth Rs. 11,000. Unfortunately he got a little late for the delivery. As a punishment, 30 year old Kamaldeep Kaur and his brother 32 year old Jitender Kaur assaulted him, stabbed him multiple times, choked him with a shoe lace and robbed Rs. 40,000 thinking that Keshav has died.


Keshav, who worked as a delivery man for e-commerce site Flipkart, initially lied to the police about the incident as the siblings had warned they would kill him if he revealed their identities,” an investigator said to Hindustan Times. ““Keshav said he had delivered other products to the siblings on two previous occasions in the fortnight preceding the attack,” he added.


Things worsened when after stabbing him multiple times Kamaldeep tied his hands with a pair of shoe laces and sat on his abdomen. They then threw Keshav’s body away in a road side drain, where the passers-by spotted him lying in a pool of blood and informed the police.

“A van used in the offence, a blood stained towel, a knife and shoe laces used to strangle the delivery man have been recovered,” the police said
in one of his statement to NDTV.

Flipkart has stated this to be a unfortunate situation and assured best possible medical care of Keshav. A tweet posted by Flipkart reads:

Keshav is admitted in Sanjay Gandhi hospital and is said to be recovering. We wonder how heartless people can be to stab delivery boys who work for us in every conditions at such a meagre income.

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