Amongst a large number of social issues that we face in India one is of public urination. We consider relieving ourselves at public places as our birthright. And no amount of efforts by the government in the form of ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan‘ or other schemes can be effective until we develop a civic sense among us.

But no one could have imagined that stopping someone from urinating in public would lead to the murder of an innocent man.When the 32 years old e-rickshaw driver Ravinder Kumar was having food he noticed two men urinating on the roadside in north Delhi’s GTB Nagar on Saturday afternoon, he requested them to use the public toilet instead. But when the two weren’t convinced he decided to embarrass them by offering them 2 rupees each, the charge of using a public toilet that was a few steps away.

spot next to public toilet where the youth were urinating (source)

But the Gandhigiri of the driver didn’t go well with the 2 men and ultimately lead to his murder. The youths were not happy with Ravinder’s gesture and left after warning him of dire consequences by saying “Aaj raat tak teri haalat kharab kar denge”.They returned a few hours later with 15-20 friends and beat him to death with brass belt knuckles and stones wrapped in a towel.

After threatening the Ravinder the duo allegedly had beer, a/c to the beer shop staffer the youth were in an argumentative mood and started drinking on the stairs of the shop. When the staff objected they also got angry with him.

After the argument, the youths took an e-rickshaw and allegedly headed to Kirori Mal College. “They were talking about returning and beating up a driver in a green T-shirt. I did not know they were talking about Ravinder,” said Milan, the e-rickshaw driver who dropped them.

spot where Ravinder was beaten to death (source)

Around 6 PM, both of them reappeared on the spot and enquired about ‘a man in a green shirt’ to the other rickshaw pullers. Since other rickshaw pullers hadn’t seen Ravinder since morning they didn’t understand who the men were looking for. They returned again around 8 pm with a large group of people who were hostellers probably.

When they spotted Ravinder at the location they dragged him with the intention of beating him. An eyewitness said, “They dragged him near a pole and started hitting him with brass knuckles and bricks wrapped in towels. Some people who tried to stop the attackers were thrashed as well.” Some e-rickshaw drivers tried to intervene but were also attacked in the process. Somehow the others driver reached to Ravinder’s brother for help.


Indiatoday quotes Ravinder’s brother as saying, “I put him in the e-rickshaw and took him home. He complained of pain in his back. As he tried to walk, he instantly fell. But instead of taking to hospital he insisted to take him home. I carried him into the house, but within five minutes, the pain in his back intensified. We rushed him to Bara Hindu Rao hospital, but the doctors declared him brought dead.”

Till now no arrest has been made so far in the case however police is trying to verify whether they were DU students.Here is the CCTV footage that shows the accused buying beer cans.

The whole incident is downright shockening and saddening and proves how we have turned into devils from humans with a lack of civic sense and human emotions. The least we can do is to remember the incident the next time we decide to urinate in public and inculcate some civic sense among us.

An innocent life was lost just because he tried to stop someone from doing what was wrong, from peeing at a public place, from peeing at a place where he used to have his food.

We hope the police arrests all the culprits and proper punishment is given to them. Meanwhile, Union minister Venkaiah Naidu has visited the deceased driver’s home and has offered some financial support to the family along with the instruction to the police to take the strongest action possible against the culprits.

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