Yet another day in India and yet another piece of news about the passive and unresponsive nature of us Indians. Gaurav Bansal and his mother Sudhir Bansal were traveling to Delhi for completing Gaurav’s admission formalities for the BSc course at Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences of Delhi University.

Gaurav was to attend the first day of his college on Monday.However, destiny had other plans.Both were traveling in Haridwar Mail to Delhi. Early on Sunday morning as the train reached near Old Delhi Railway station Gaurav and his mom stood with the luggage near the door.

Around 500 m before the platform, someone snatched Sudhir’s handbag. When she resisted she was pulled off the train.

Shocked by the incident Gaurav immediately jumped off the slow moving train. Since the train was slow Gaurav hoped that his mother would receive only minor injuries.But as he reached near her the reality struck when he saw that his mother had landed under the train. When the last compartment passed his mother had already lost her left hand and leg.


Gaurav looked around in search of help but there was no one around.He decided to carry his mother in arms. But looking at the long distance to be covered along the track and the nature of his injury he knew it was impossible and not a practical thing to do.

Hindustan Times reports, he called authorities for help ranging from Police Station to Ambulances and every other emergency number but didn’t receive any response for an hour.

Gaurav noticed a few people near the railway tracks who were there for attending nature’s call. He begged for help to them with folded hands. But, as expected from our apathetic society no one helped.

An angry Gaurav told, “I begged them with folded hands. I told them it was my mother on the tracks. But not one person decided to help us,” said an angry Gaurav.

Gaurav checked his mother’s breath every few minutes and begged to passerby. After some time his mother stopped breathing, Police arrived but it was too late.A son lost his mother to the apathy of the people and irresponsive authorities. Gaurav told media that he had heard about the insensitive nature of Delhi people but never imagined that he would be a victim of the same on the first day itself.


You have been writing about people’s apathy, but did it change anything? Did it bring people to save my mother? You writing about it now will neither stop snatching nor bring humanity in the people,” Gaurav told a small media gathering at mortuary as the post-mortem was being conducted on his mother.

His father told that some people inside the train had witnessed the accident but they too didn’t alert anyone.He said his son was forced to stand helpless in front of his dying mother.

Gaurav said he doesn’t want to study in a city that couldn’t save his mother.

We know as a nation, as a society we have failed when we receive such news from across India where people’s apathy is the main reason for someone’s death instead of the original incident.
Imagine the condition of a helpless boy in a new city begging for help with his mother’s body lying at a few inches counting her last breath.The boy begs for help with folded hands and finally loses his mother to our apathy.

We know as Gaurav already said this piece of writing will not make any difference to this society. But, again atleast we can try. We can dial 108.

There is no point of showing fake condolences with candle marches or long FB comments. We all are keyboard warriors and shame is upon us,We are the KILLERS. KILLERS OF HUMANITY.

News Source : Hindustan Times

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