With the boon of the internet, we now even have the chance to shop online, among varieties of products that we will not get even if we enter a mall. With products from thousands of brands and vouchers and discounts that we don’t usually get in shops, without even stepping out of our homes, we are getting all that we want, right at one place.

Not even that, we too have the facility of returning the products back to the company if we don’t like them, right from our doorstep. But are we aware who are we returning the products to?
Apparently, in Delhi, a gang was arrested for duping to be pick-up boys of a recognized online shopping portal.


According to a report by the India Today, there have been more than ten such gangs who are currently operational and have been duping the online shopping companies and the customers as well.

“These rackets have a nexus with the staff working in the operations team of the portal who provide the customer data and the gangs con them,” a senior police officer said.
The duo who recently got arrested duped more than seventy customers of products worth fifty lakhs.

“The gang could have remained operational for longer but the alertness of a genuine delivery boy of a well-known shopping portal caught the fake one and he was handed over to the police,” a source in the department said.

On Saturday, Gaganpreet Singh, a customer of the online shopping portal Amazon, living in Dwarka’s sector 6, received a call from someone claiming to be a pickup boy named Gaurav and would collect his camera to be returned at about 10 AM.
However, the genuine pickup person, Jasvinder Singh arrived before Gaurav and collected the camera. He was then informed by Gaganpreet about a similar pickup call from some other person.

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Getting suspicious he waited for Gaurav to arrive. After half an hour when he arrived, he saw that he was wearing the company’s official t-shirt, carried a bag and ID card. Jasvinder knew he was an imposter and called the police.
Through interrogation, it was found out that Gaurav used to work with the portal since 2015 and left work in February this year. He also disclosed that he was friends with this person called Raju Singh and was getting access to the customer details as he was a store manager.

“As he was jobless, he contacted Raju who started providing information of customers who returned back articles because of some reasons. He used to collect the packages from the customers before the actual pickup person could arrive. Later, the gang would sell the products at Gaffar Market in Karol Bagh. They shared the amount received from selling the stolen articles,” a police official close to the investigation said.

A case under Section 419 and Section 420 of Indian Penal Code has been registered and efforts are being made to recover the items stolen by them.
It is very important for us as customers to see who are we returning the products to and so is for the company to keep a check on who has access to their customer database. Fraudsters will always be there and they will try to find loopholes wherever possible, we need to be aware enough and responsible for our belongings.

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