Amongst a large number of rape cases that are being reported daily on a regular basis, an incident has been reported from a private school in West Delhi where a 4-year-old kid has been booked for ‘rape’. The boy has been accused of inserting his finger and pencil inside the private part of his classmate which has left her with a wound.

Reportedly, the girl’s mother said to the police that her daughter complained of pain in her lower abdomen after returning from school on Friday. The girl kept complaining occasionally but thinking it as an excuse for not going to school the mother kept ignoring it. But on Friday night the girl started crying and disclosed to her mother about the assault.

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According to a Hindustan Times report, she told her mother that a boy from her class unbuttoned her pants in the classroom and used his finger to assault her. The mother has told in her FIR that the girl tried resisting but failed as the other children and staffs had already left by then and she was left alone with the boy.

The woman further stated that she rushed to the hospital with her child where a medico-legal case was made following which the case was registered. She further alleged that no one was present at the time of the assault in the classroom or washroom.However, the school lawyer has contradicted it saying an ayah is present every time in the washroom, reports Hindustan Times.

The case has left police confused on how to proceed further. According to an HT report, Deputy commissioner of police said that legal experts were consulted “since an offence was made out and there was a victim”, and a case of rape under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act was registered.

Looking at the age of the suspect police are unsure of how to proceed with the prosecution.

Social Media’s Opinion :

Even the social media is as confused as the cops are, and a majority of people feel that the incident has nothing to do with the sexual urge.

Our View

Looking at the age of the child the case certainly doesn’t look like a case of sexual assault. A 4-year-old kid is too young to understand the sexual urges and needs. While we expect the cops to handle the case with sensitivity The Indian Feed urge our readers to teach their kids about good and bad touch. The children need to understand that touching anyone’s private parts is wrong, and if someone tries to touch their privates or kiss them in a wrong manner, they need to report it to their parents. At the same time, parents need to be more open to their kids regarding such issues, your silence or ignorance can lead to a lifelong scar for the child.

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