In New Delhi the doctors of a private hospital, Shalimar Bagh has shown an example of extreme carelessness where they declared twin babies dead on Thursday while one of them was still alive. The kid was found breathing when the parents were about to bury them.

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According to NDTV, the twins were born on Thursday in Max hospital. But one of the twins died soon after birth and other one needed immediate medical care. The doctors told the family that they will be keeping him on ventilator support for some months. “The hospital said for three days it will cost Rs. 1 lakh each and after that, it would cost 50,000 each day, and he had to be kept for three months,” said a relative. When the family was deciding to go to a smaller hospital, they had informed about the death of their second son also.

The hospital delivered the body of the baby packed in a plastic bag to their relatives. The baby was then taken to the cremation ground for burial when someone noticed that there was some movement inside the bag. The family immediately took the baby to a nearby hospital where they found informed that their baby was still alive.

The father of the baby told DNA India,”We tore the packet, there were 2-3 clothes and polythene bags. The kid was still breathing. We rushed the baby to a nearby nursing home in Pitampura.”

What is more depressing is that though the baby is in medical care now but has a less chance of survival.

The family is now protesting against the Max hospital demanding justice. According to officials of Max Hospital, they had started an inquiry and had sent the responsible doctor on forced leave.

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They have released a statement which states,”We are shaken and concerned at this rare incident. We have initiated a detailed inquiry, pending which, the concerned doctor has been asked to proceed on leave immediately. We are in constant touch with the parents and are providing all the needed support.”

A case in the matter under Section 308 of the IPC (Attempt to commit culpable homicide which can cost imprisonment of up to seven years) was registered by the police. 

According to an order, signed by city health minister Satyendar Jain, an inquiry will be initiated and a preliminary report will be submitted within 72 hours and a final report within a week.We hope strict action is taken against the culprits and hospital management for this extremely unprofessional and inhumane act.

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