An enraged mob in Delhi’s Dwarka locality attacked Africans accusing them of cannibalism and abduction of a boy in the neighborhood. The police later discovered that the boy was safe in his home and there was no such case of cannibalism or abduction by the Nigerian men and Tanzanian women as informed to the police by a fake call.

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The police started investigating when they got a call from a local against the Africans. Several people gathered around the house of the victims. The police rescued the victims as soon as they found out that the boy who was reported as being abducted by the Africans, never went missing in the first place.


At one place, we found a crowd had gathered outside a house where some Africans lived. The mob had gathered on hearing rumors that the Africans were cannibals. We dispersed the crowd and rescued four Africans from there and took them to the local police station,” a senior officer was quoted as saying in the report by The New Indian Express.

Previously two Africans in the same neighborhood were locked from the outside by the locals of the area, police discovered after the investigation.

Last year, in 2017 six Africans were attacked in South Delhi’s Mehrauli area in a similar incident.

The reputation of the national capital in terms of safety and security is already poor, this incident further demolishes the reputation of the entire country on a global scale. The relationship built with other countries is also jeopardized. It is not only the government’s actions that make or break the country. The citizens are also accountable for their deeds as they represent the country equally.

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