Adding to the long list of recent bans here comes another one. According to the latest proposal by the South Delhi Municipal Corporation soon the food stalls in Delhi may be prohibited to display non-veg food items in open. The ban has been proposed citing hygiene and “sentiments of people” as the main reasons.

This resolution has been approved in the last house of the BJP-ruled South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC). According to Hindustan Times, it will come for final confirmation at the next meeting of the body on January 3 after which the terms and conditions will be finalized.


The resolution was moved by councilors Raj Dutt and backed by Nandini Sharma saying that food items displayed in the open posed a danger of “contamination” and also “hurt the sentiments of the vegetarian public”.The proposal applies to both raw and cooked meat items like tandoor,roast,seekh kababs which were generally put on display outside the shops by the owners.

It was a private member resolution originally moved by a councilor from Kakrola village in Najafgarh Zone in the Health Committee meeting. The committee then moved it to the SDMC House, which then approved it,” a spokesperson of the SDMC was quoted by NDTV.


As it was a private member resolution, the proposal would now be sent to the commissioner to be examined who may accept or reject it.

Many hotel owners were quoted as saying by a media report that they will obey the rule and stop displaying the food items in public despite a lack of space.

The Indian Medical Association raised an objection to the proposal, saying any food has to be hygienic, whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian.It further said that in case the ban has to be imposed due to unhygienic conditions it should apply to both veg and non-veg items.

The proposal received strong reactions on Twitter with even people vegetarian people opposing it

We hope the body reconsiders its decision and instead of a complete blanket ban on the food items being displayed in public frames guidelines to be followed by eateries who sell the food items in unhygienic conditions.

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