We hear too many news of atrocities against women that hail from our Capital, Delhi. And that’s when public questions the sincerity and inefficiency of Delhi police. But today, we have a really heart warming news from Delhi.

The incident took place near India gate when a woman in her twenties approached PCR van with her baby in her arms and asked for help. “We saw her coming. She looked tensed. We sensed that she needed help,” says Ram Kumar, Assistant Senior Inspector (ASI), Delhi Police, who is also the in-charge of PCR-17.

He adds, “She told us that her baby is hungry and crying for the past one hour. The lady could not feed because there is no private space around.”

That is when the policemen allowed her inside the van immediately allowing her complete privacy to feed the baby. People around had an air of curiosity around them regarding what’s happening, though. “We took our wireless set from the van and stood outside it so that the lady could feed her child inside the van, in privacy,” he said to Hindustan Times.

This gesture of Delhi police was highly appreciated by public after the couple told everyone about it. But Kumar thinks, that’s all a part of his duty! “This was a genuine problem that she faced. Being guards of the city, it is our job to extend a helping hand. Hamne hamari duty bhi nibha li, aur thodi insaniyat bhi dikha di,” says Kumar.

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But these praises have made Ashish Barak’s day who’s the gunman with the PCR Van. He says, “People were watching us. They must be trying to figure out what’s happening. After the lady fed her child, she and her husband thanked us and even told others about the help we provided. that felt so good that, at least someone is talking positive about us.”


And the additional DCP (PCR), Rakesh Kumar Bansal says women top the priority list of Delhi police and helping them with whatever issue is just a matter of duty of any cop. ”We have already instructed our team to provide an assistance to the people in need. Whether it’s about providing taxi to the girls during late night or helping those who are new in the Capital, we are always proactive.”

We still thank you and your team cops! It’s disappointing that a woman in India is not free to feed her child anywhere she feels the need. Though natural, it’s another taboo that draws unnecessary attention of passersby and makes the mother uncomfortable. Anyways, this move by Delhi police is really praiseworthy and kind.

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