Delhi Police Sub-Inspector arrested for flashing, molesting women. 4 cases filed in a day.

When the protector himself turns into a perpetrator, whom do you turn to for help? What do you do when the molester himself is a police officer? A Delhi Police sub-inspector – presently posted as the PA of a DCP traffic was arrested for allegedly flashing and molesting multiple girls in the Dwaraka South area. The accused identified as SI Puneet Garewal.

For the past few days, calls of flashing and molesting were being received from the area in which it was said that a man having without number plate car making the objectionable gesture on woman or girls roaming alone. Police said it is suspected that SI is a serial molester but it is only after the latest incident where a woman posted a video of her ordeal, that an FIR was finally filed against him.

One of the women described the horror in a video, narrating the incident that took place when she went cycling on the morning of October 17. “While cycling, I noticed a small, grey car which had its rear glass broken. After some time, I noticed that the car was being driven beside me. I didn’t look at him. He honked at me. I gestured him to move ahead. He didn’t move ahead and chased me.”

The woman said the man in the car asked her for directions to Sector-14 in Dwarka and when she was about to tell him, he unzipped his trousers and started touching his private parts. “I angrily asked him to leave. I then realized that there was nobody around me and that cars were passing by at high speed. The man in the car started saying nasty things,” she said in the video. “He wasn’t stopping. He went on.”

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The man fled when she started screaming for help when she saw a few vehicles parked. Police said at least four such incidents as of now come to light between October 17 and October 20. The police managed to reach the accused with the help of the CCTV cameras. At least 200 cameras were scanned on the routes by some 200 policemen who were assigned the task of identifying the accused, according to Times Now. 

A dedicated team of the district was tasked to nab the accused. Matching the car description, details of 286 Balenos registered in Delhi were also tracked down. The car used by the accused, however, did not have a registered number. However, the police still managed to track down the car and were shocked to know that the car which was used in the car belonging to a police officer who is posted at the office of the DCP level officer.

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The accused sub-inspector is a married man. The car is registered on his wife’s name who is a teacher in a government school. Earlier, Puneet remained posted with the Delhi Police special cell unit and a Chauki in charge as well. Police said they are trying to know in how many cases he was earlier involved.

As further investigations await, this incident is truly an alarming one because the accused here is one who is supposed to be the protector of the law. This incident calls for stronger demands for psychometric evaluation of all officers of the law, and frequent evaluations as a part of the procedure to make sure such incidents can be prevented by ensuring steps against the policemen who are red-flagged in the evaluations.

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