Adding to the long list of crime news from the national capital here comes another heinous one from South Delhi. According to The Hindu report, an Uzbek woman was raped by two men in a moving car in South Delhi’s Vasant Kunj on Monday evening.


The woman made a PCR call on 11 pm on Monday after which police reached the location and recorded victim’s statement. TOI reports that according to the version told by the woman to the Police, she was in a mall in Saket and left at 9.30 pm. She took an auto from the mall which broke down at Vasant Kunj. The driver asked her to take another vehicle. 

The victim told that she was waiting for the vehicle when 3 men arrived in a white car and pulled her inside the car.After getting abducted she was raped by two people.


She was then dropped at Khirki extension from where she made a PCR call. This incident is as shameful as it can. A foreign national was raped in India’s capital! Are we really proud of our society?

What goes on in the mind of these rapists is beyond our imagination. They just come in a gang, lift a woman as if she is some kind of TOY, use it for the pleasure of a few minutes and then safely throw her back on the road. Is it that simple?

Don’t these people have any fear of the authorities or law of the land? Why are our authorities failing to instill fear into the minds of these criminals?
We hope that the victim gets her due of justice. Her life has been already shattered and changed, we just hope the authorities take proper action and the rapists are nabbed soon.

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