Jordan Taylor, an American travel vlogger going by the YouTube channel Travellight, was sexually harassed while visiting India. After her stay in the national capital New Delhi, she narrated her story of being stalked and trapped in the hotel on her youtube channel that has gone viral on the social media.
She mentioned that not only her personal details were shared by the five-star hotel she was staying in, to a stalker, but she allegedly also faced sexual harassment in the hotel she shifted in further.

The second hotel, the OYO rooms partnered hotel, identified as the OYO hotel on Main Bazaar Road, Paharganj, Delhi had apparently partnered with hotel aggregator OYO rooms, and the latter has now taken action against the hotel.
She recalls the incident started when her boyfriend, Livio departed four days before she was to leave India. While she was still making sure that nobody gets to know that he left, she saw a change in the hotel staff’s behaviour towards her.

“From that very morning, they started acting completely different to me. At one point, one of them even followed me up the stairs. They called the room, and I know for a fact that it was hotel employees because this phone is only for hotel use […] and they said into the phone, ‘Hey baby!’ I hung up. They called the room again and it was just silent and not saying anything. […] The next day, they call the room, I pick up and they were just making sexual noises… breathing. There is no way that this was normal breathing into the phone,” Jordan narrated in the vlog.


She also mentioned how things got worse in the days she was about to leave India. She constantly used to see shadows outside her door, which was very obvious that someone was out there. The hotel staff apparently switched off the AC from the outside and disconnected the wifi, only so she could open her door.

“I heard him flip it (the main switch) off. It was a very distinct sound. Immediately he knocks on my door and says, ‘Hello! The AC is broken. We need to come in and fix it. Open the door and we’ll come and fix the AC.’ And I just said no, I am not answering the door,” Jordan said.

“He was right outside my door. There were more people who came, I don’t know who. They would knock and say open the door. Then they shut off the WiFi and said the same story – that they need to come in and fix the WiFi.”

“I knew that they were lying because the AC wasn’t broken. I just felt so certain that if I did open the door… then. Because they were so desperately trying with lies to get into my room… I did feel very certain that if I did, something very bad would happen. And I still think that it would have,” she added.

She said this experience was no less than a horror movie for her and she was stuck in the room with no supplies.

“[I felt like] I am being hunted at the hotel I was staying,” she says. “The best I can describe it is like I was in a horror movie. It’s in the place where you’re supposed to feel safe and you’re sleeping in your bed at night and you can’t even relax. You can never feel safe. There’s nowhere you can go, you’re trapped.”

She has also uploaded a video where the footage shows a shadow outside her room. Her ordeal ended when she left the hotel at 3 in the morning for the airport when she realised nobody was outside her room at that hour.

Jordan visited India to complete her dream project and ranted about her entire experience about how she had to do things differently like she did in her nation.
“I was covered up, even more than the local women sometimes. Even my elbows weren’t showing!” she said.

Though Jordan is happy and satisfied with her initial days in India, the last few days of her trip have left her with bad memories. Jordan says in her video that she does not necessarily want to spread a negative image of India, but she felt the need to share her experience with her viewers. Hence she released the video after two months from the date of the incident.

Jordan’s video got viral on the social media and was then tweeted by the Reddit India, following which the OYO rooms responded.

The hotel was found to be a repeat offender and later Jordan also posted an update on her video, saying that within 24 hours of her posting the video, the said hotel was shut down.

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