Courage. We encourage women how strongly they should stand against crimes and how fiercely they should fight against any Injustice towards them. The social media is almost overflow with such posts. But, today let’s meet reality on the face. Let’s see what a woman actually gets when she dares to rebel.

A 33 YO woman was allegedly beaten by rods, her clothes were torn, dragged out of a house where she tried to seek refuge and was made to parade naked in the lanes of a JJ colony by a group of women in Narela on Thursday. All this by a mob. A mob indulged in the unethical alcohol business, their location being close to police station. It’s to the brave lady’s credit that they were caught red-handed with around 300 bottles of liquor after being intimidated by DCW chief Swati Maliwal’s team.

The illegal liquor mafia which was caught due to the lady

Shockingly the majority of the people who outraged the modesty of the whistleblower were women

But then, this lady had to suffer this fate. And the worst part of it is, the mob that did all this hell to her, had women in it. Yes, some women outraged the basic honor of life another woman on roads in broad daylight. The woman has been admitted to a government hospital in central Delhi after being shifted from a local one.

Here is the victim narrating the whole story. Note that, when all this happened police was present but was easily overpowered by the reckless folks.

The victim is a mother of four.The woman’s mother-in-law told TOI that her daughter-in-law was in pain and had fainted in hospital. “My daughter-in-law was attacked brutally by some women who first followed her and then beat her up, tore her clothes and paraded her around. This is shocking,” she sobbed.

The entire incident proves complete lawlessness and zero fear of law in the area and it is shocking that police did not take any action to protect these women,‘ says Swati Maliwal. This incidence hails from country’s capital, Delhi. But how does it matter? What if the place would’ve been different? Had anyone rushed to her help? Probably no. Because people all round remain the same.

The fact that the woman was harassed for doing something right shows how the criminals have no fear of the law and system.

Deputy Commissioner of Police of Rohini district has registered an FIR in the case of the attack on the woman and in the matter of liquor being sold illegally. DCP (Rohini) Rajneesh Gupta said the attackers were women of the Sansi community. According to a report by The Indian Express, DCP said, “Praveen was assaulted by Asha and other Sansi women around noon. She was medically examined and an FIR under IPC sections 323/342/354/354B/506/509/34 has been registered. Efforts are on to arrest the accused… The injury is blunt… there is no fracture..

The chief minister, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has met her and assured her in person. He has promised her all sorts of help. But only if anything could lighten the scar this humiliation has left on her soul!!

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