Look into the statistical data provided on the website of the Ministry of Health and family welfare and you can see a steep decline in maternal and infant mortality rates over past years. Also, the government claims significant improvement in antenatal and postnatal health care to both mother and child. However, there are always people who go untouched by the hands of all schemes.

We have one such story of a 33 YO woman from Delhi named Lakshmi. On Wednesday night she gave birth to her 3rd child on the footpaths of the national capital as she, her husband Babloo who’s a daily wage laborer and her two other children couldn’t find a roof to hide under. There are only two shelters for pregnant and lactating women in entire Delhi and both were fully occupied on Wednesday night.

Source : Hindustan Times

Hence, Lakshmi delivered her third baby on the footpath, though received help from locals. That’s not it. The umbilical cord remained intact for 18 hours that should ideally be cut within a few minutes after birth. This possessed a high risk of sepsis to both mother and child.

Representational image : source

She was shifted to Safdargunj Hospital by an ambulance arranged for her by Sunil Kumar Aledia, head of NGO Centre for Holistic Development (CHD) as reported by Hindustan Times. Now that the incident gained some attention, Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board member Bipin Rai said- “The matter has come to our notice. We will make all efforts to rehabilitate the mother and the child to a shelter home and later shift them to the women’s lactating care home,”

We’re happy that the woman and her child survived all the extremes but worried how many other women must be suffering the same fate in this adverse climate hidden from lights of media.

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