What goes around comes around – and with kindness it really does. Kindness is contagious and it surely makes our world a better place to live in.Remember the story of a cab driver that is going viral since last few days?
If you are unaware of the case , here is the story of Kapri , a cab driver from Bihar who
is a debt-ridden man and is struggling to repay a loan of Rs 70,000 to a private financier in his home town in Bihar’s Banka.

source : Hindustan Times

On the 3rd of May, 22-year-old taxi driver Debendra Kapri walked into the Domestic Airport police station in Delhi and returned a bag containing valuables worth Rupees 8 lakhs .The bag was left in his cab by a Kashmiri passenger whom Kapri had dropped from airport to Paharganj. As soon as he found it he submitted it to the police station and it was found that the bag contained gold jewellery, a laptop, an iPhone, a camera and $70 in total amounting to Rs 8 lakh.

Kapri told that he knew what was there inside the bag but decided to return it to its owner.The police later found out that the bag belonged to Mubisher Wani, from Srinagar.He was handed back the bag the same evening.

Kabri is in debt of Rs 70,000 , his father took a loan of Rs 1 lakh in 2008-09 on a 5% per month interest rate to marry off two of his daughters but the simple farmer without any permanent source of income was not even able to pay the the monthly interest amount.He then started receiving life threats for not returning the money . Due to lack of resources and to meet his family’s ends meet Kapri had to leave his studies and pursue taxi driving in Delhi.

When asked by HT what he would do if he has Rs 8 lakh of his own, Kapri told , “I will first repay the loan. From the remaining amount, I will I will purchase my own taxi that will certainly improve my lifestyle.”

Now, it looks like Tapri is going to be rewarded for his noble gesture . People from Radio Mirchi have come forward to set up a fundraiser for him.The famous RJ Naved invited him to his show and requested the people from Delhi to come forward to help him. Gaurav Sharma who produces The Naved Khan Show at Radio Mirchi launched the campaign titled, “Help This Honest Taxi Driver Repay His Loan.The goal was to raise ₹70k.

“We got to know that he has a loan of 70k that he was struggling to pay off. We decided to call him to the Mirchi studios on the morning show of May 10th and ask Delhi to help him pay off his loan,” Sharma told HuffPost India.

The people of Delhi came forward to reward the young man for his honesty and in just a few hours raised rs 91,000 which could easily help him in repaying his debts.


The Indian Feed salutes the honesty of Debendra and also the kind gesture shown by people of Delhi in helping him.

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