Time and again incidents are reported from all over the country which makes us question the very existence of humanity. In an appalling incident, which took place on Saturday evening, a 20-year-old youth set himself ablaze in full public view at Shakurbasti railway station in the national capital. The identity of the youth has not been traced so far, but reports claim he was a Sikh as he wore a turban.

According to a report in India Today, the youth was seen roaming around the railway track and seemed quite depressed.He then took out a bottle of kerosene from his bag and doused himself with it His act grabbed onlookers’ attention but sadly none took a step forward to stop him. After a couple of seconds, he lit a matchstick and set himself on fire.

Some passengers present on the spot did inform the GRP but till the time authorities arrived the youth had already succumbed to his injuries.Also, the GRP officials were quite lethargic in dealing with the incident.The body kept lying at the station for at least three hours since Delhi police and GRP kept arguing about under whom this case falls upon.The body was finally taken to the mortuary by the GRP. “We are waiting for the claimant of the body. We will then perform a post-mortem,” an official said to India today.

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What is even more bizarre than the whole self-immolating incident is the fact that no one even bothered to go and help the youth.Instead, most of them were busy clicking his photographs and videotaping him.We wonder what sort of psychological pleasure do people get by videotaping someone dies.Will people ever videotape their family members or friends die instead of helping them?


The Indian Feed strongly condemns this act as well as the reaction.If you are feeling depressed we suggest you talk to someone and spend time with people who love you, and for the public-if, you ever come to witness any such situation we urge you to extend your hand for help rather than being mute spectators.Even if you don’t think you can handle such situations or accidents the least you can do is to dial 108.


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