A since-deleted Instagram post featuring three Spider-Men standing side by side, shared by Foxx, further fueled speculation that Garfield, Tobey Maguire (star of the early 2000s Spider-Man trilogy), and Holland would be joining forces. “I see how often Spider-Man is trending and it’s like people freaking out,” Garfield said during the recent podcast. “And I’m just like, Guys, guys, guys—I wish I could just be able to speak to everyone and say, ‘I recommend that you chill.’”

Jordan also hadn’t seen Monday’s Marvel trailer that features footage of him and Boseman together while Stan Lee is heard saying in voiceover, “That man next to you, he’s your brother.” “Wow,” Jordan said, choking up. “Stan Lee saying that? I got to check it out.”He said of his late friend and co-star, “I wish I had more time.”Jordan is getting ready to make his directorial debut with “Creed III,” and he believes there’s more story to tell beyond a third film in the franchise. He was also recently directed by Denzel Washington in the upcoming drama “Journal for Jordan.” The film has been in the works for about four years. “I grew during this project and it helped me prepare for my next obstacle with ‘Creed III,’” Jordan said. “Everything happens in its right time.”

Even Holland himself, known for spoiling spidey secrets, has dismissed reports that Garfield and Maguire would be entering the Marvel fold. “Unless they have hidden the most massive piece of information from me, which I think is too big of a secret for them to keep from me,” he told Esquire earlier this year. “But as of yet, no. It’ll be a continuation of the Spider-Man movies that we’ve been making.”

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