Muzaffarpur verdict has not yet stopped giving us nightmares and another horrible story of sexual exploitation in yet another shelter home has already surfaced. This time in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh.

A 10 YO girl ran away from Maa Vindhyavashini Women and Girl Child Protection House and informed police about the horror. She explained that she was being forced to work in various households and also indicated at sexual harassment and prostitution going on under the veils of ‘Shelter home’. “Many times white, black and red cars used to come and take away the girls. When they (girls) returned in the morning, they used to cry,” said the 10-year-old girl.

Based on her statement police conducted raids on the shelter home and rescued 24 girls who have been sent for medical examination. But, 42 girls have been registered with it as inmates. Rest 18, though have been traced are yet to be rescued, says Superintendent of Police Rohan P Kanay says that to ANI.

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“After returning, the ‘didis’ (older inmates) used to cry on seeing and meeting us… the younger girls were forced to sweep the floor and do other household work. We were beaten up by different men for not following their diktats,” she said.
Another inmate was quoted by TOI, “Madam (Girija) used to send two girls from our shelter home to a room in Gorakhpur. Sometimes I also accompanied them. Each girl was sent with two boys in a room and I used to sit outside. Nothing happened to me, but the girls faced bad things. Madam used to warn us that if we will tell anyone about our Gorakhpur trip, we will be killed.”

A case has been registered under different sections related to flesh trade, human trafficking, and child labor, but this isn’t for the first time. In 2017 also, the license of the shelter was revoked owing to some irregularities that had come under the limelight. However, the owners Girija Tripathi and her husband, Mohan just shrugged the government orders off.

The arrested couple/ source : ANI

The house is located in an area close to railway station amidst rows of eateries and hotels that keep running throughout the day but a small gate of the complex opens to a deserted road where cars are often seen being parked, says the corporator of the area, Ashish Gupta.

The neighbors say that though the lifestyles of the family had remarkably rocketed high up after they began running the shelter home 8 years back giving away obvious hints towards something fishy going on within the walls, frequent police visits kept them from suspecting.

As of now, the Tripathy couple and their daughter have been arrested and Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath has ordered the suspension of Deoria District Magistrate Sujeet Kumar. Tracing of the missing girls is high on pace too.

Now that humans have become Monstrous enough to have found out opportunities of exploitation in helpless girls who are seeking shelter and support, maybe we should just declare humanity dead without further delay.

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