In yet another example of public apathy, a 17-year-old girl was found lying unconscious on the road after being knocked off by a speeding bike. The bystanders chose to be mere spectators of the accident, instead of helping her.

The angry father put up a post on Facebook about the horrifying incident that took place in Andheri, Mumbai.This post has gained a lot of recognition on social media. 


All of this is surprising, but wait until you find out what happened next. One of the onlookers tried stealing her phone instead of helping her. But hope found a place in this tragic incident when a mother-daughter duo alighted from the auto and took the injured girl to their home and rushed her to the hospital after calling her dad. 

The helpful duo sprinkled water on the injured girl, rummaged through her wallet for any identity card/ mobile phone. The teenager regained consciousness and managed to provide her father’s contact number to them.

Here is the full post that was shared by Vishwanath Gaitonde

“My daughter was involved in an accident earlier today …

She was knocked off by someone on a speeding bike earlier today around 2.45 pm near the 4 bungalows signal (Andheri) obviously, the bastard sped away without caring to see what happened …

But the irony of this fucked up city called Mumbai starts now….my daughter is unconscious for some minutes…fallen on the road …a crowd gathers, someone flicks her mobile phone (son of a b**ch…I would have given you the mobile and some more money had you just called the last dialed no to find out who the person could be)…

The rest of the guys just see a 17-year-old girl lying unconscious on the road….and some do try to take undue advantage of the situation.Suddenly like the godsend, two women passing by in an auto (a mother and daughter) stop their auto to check what happened…they see a young girl unconscious and decide to help …The guys gathered out there trying to stop them and dissuade them from helping.


The Mother and daughter duo insist on helping and they move the girl with them…sprinkle water on her ..try to get her back to consciousness…my daughter wakes up unaware of what has happened …she can’t recollect anything …total memory loss….the women search her purse for identification/mobile phone…nothing found….after some persistent questioning by them …my daughter who is in extreme pain ..remembers her name ..her college and thankfully my mobile no ….thank God for that !!

The mother-daughter duo ( we owe our lives to them) took my daughter (who was in a really bad shape) to their building which was just across the road called me and took complete care of her till I arrived.

We immediately took her to Kokilaben hospital emergency ..luckily the CT scans came positive and probably the memory loss was due to a concussion
But she has a fractured rib !! And she is in a lot of pain and has amnesia ….(thankfully …I don’t want her to remember what she went through )

I thank god and the two ladies (the real godsend) who helped my daughter …..I don’t want to write their names here without checking with them Ananya, Shabnam and I are completely indebted to you. And the doctors at Kokilaben hospital, thank you so much !!!

My question is …what kind of a city are we living in …robbing a phone in such a situation ?? What the hell ….this phone could have helped take my daughter to the hospital 60 minutes before I reached. And the sick bastards who were trying to take advantage of the situation ….I wish I could know who you are …and the biker who knocked her off. I hope I don’t ever see you !!

Hopefully, the Mumbai police would be able to help by scanning the CCTV cams around the accident spot… Till then Mumbai …you are alive only because of a few good souls who live in you”


Mumbai police are on the look for the bikers. They have been scanning through CCTV footage to nab the bikers, who will be booked for a hit and run case.

The road accidents are a harsh sight. But the indifferent attitude of the bystanders who refuse to assist the hit-and-run victim makes it more heartless. A bystander’s reluctance to help the victims contributes to a disturbing statistic.

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