Raksha Bandhan is not the only festival celebrated to cherish and strengthen the bond between siblings. Bhai Dooj a festival much like Rakshabandhan is celebrated all over the world by Bengalis. This festival is all about sisters praying for their brothers’ well-being and both exchanging gifts with each other.

What caught our eye this Bhai Dooj is, a Facebook post by Samrat Basu. He shared pictures of his elder sister going an extra mile to make sure her beloved brother received all her love and blessings.

On 21st October,  Samrat Basu shared four pictures on his facebook wall that is now going viral. One of the pictures indicates his sister, who is confined to a wheelchair and does not have the use of her hands applying tilak on her brother’s forehead with her little toe! She also extends her feet to bless him leaving all the family members in tears.

The brother and sister duo are residents of Hooghly-Chinchura, in Bengal. The sister is loaded with joy after completing the task, while others hold back their tears and are proud to have witnessed something like this.

However, people on Facebook are unable to control their emotions. They have been sharing the post on their timeline and also wishing the sister a speedy recovery and lots of happiness. With more than 14,000 shares, 47000 likes and counting, this post has left many people inspired and it has been deemed as the “Best Bhai Dooj Picture of the year.”

This heart-warming post encapsulates the incredible bond and love between a brother and sister, bringing tears to your eyes while leaving a smile on your face.

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